What is the weather in your soul?

Companionship and conversations
for your journey in life and death
What brought you here today? 

Parenting questions? Different cultures in your family life?
Or perhaps change in plans and relationships?
Have you been called to face your own mortality or of a loved one? 

Let's untangle some life threads!
After all, you are just trying to figure out who you are
and where to go!

We can meet in person if you are local,
or through different doors if you are around the globe!
I speak English, Portuguese and Spanish.

About me
Linden Tree Photography_040121 WSA Inman

I believe in the human capacity for self-reflection and change. I appreciate the wisdom offered by Nature. I enjoy weaving colors while shedding Light into dark corners of the soul. And I really love having conversations about the mysteries of life and death. We can talk in English, Portuguese or Spanish.


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What people say

"I have navigated two deaths in my family with Jolie by my side as a compassionate and intuitive listener and knowledgeable guide through this intimate and challenging terrain.  I wanted to be present to this process and I had no idea how or what to expect or if I could even do it.  Jolie said yes, you can, and I will help you, which is exactly what she did, with kindness, wisdom and strength.  I am forever in gratitude to her."  

Jill Hendrix



"What is more precious than gold? Conversation!"

~ Goethe 

English/ Português/ Español
Based in Atlanta, GA
Communicating through different doors

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